If you're wondering where I've been lately I had three wisdom teeth pulled and have bene i too much pain to really do anything for a while.

Just an update

In case anyone is wondering I AM still writting things. In fact, I have a fic in the works. Granted, I'm going to delete almost all of it and take it in a different direction but the creative juices are flowing and the process has begun!

Who knows, maybe someday I'll even get around to writting up that fic for DoctorV like I said I was going to like two years ago.

(no subject)

So, has nyone else watched the Princess and the Frog? I bought it the other day and it was a lot better than I was expecting. The second time through was a whole lot better since I didn't spend half the movie waiting for character assassination (There was none!) t ruin characters I liked. Any thoughts?